Friday, April 23, 2010


Here are some few pictures of Isabel eating her favorite meal! Spaghetti!!! This time I put a little too much sauce on the noodles!!aha We had to put her in the bath right after trying to rinse her off in the sink!! ahah She will only feed herself if it is certain foods that she really likes, so you can tell she likes spaghetti! ahah

She had noodles dangling from her toes!

Isabel loves her pappa! When Aaron is at school, and Isabel hears a noice she looks around to see if it might be Aaron. Today she wanted to go in our room to see if he was in there. After she figured out he wasn't in there she didn't care for the room that much.

Aaron is so handsome!!


Anonymous said...

She is AAAdorable! I love that she loves her papa so much...our girls do too and it melts my heart to see them with their daddy. Our little Isabel is getting so big...I'm so sad to be missing her 1st year milestones...thanks for blogging Mallorie!! You are keeping us connected!! BTW I will just log in as anonymous cause for some reason my google account does not work to post on your blog...i chock it up to (my)user error:)

Anonymous said...

That was me Brooke case it wasn't clear:)

Travis & Allie said...

Isabel is so cute! I am so glad you commented on my blog! Now we can keep up with each other! You have a beautiful family!

Grandma O said...

I LOVE the spaghetti pics!!!!!! WAAAAAAY too cute!!!!! I LOVE that little girl so much. Her parents are wonderful too! (you're right Mal.....Aaron IS handsome....I like the clean faced look)

kacioesterle said...

You do so well with this blog Mallorie! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on ya lives. I love u guys!!!