Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Isabel's First Best Friend!

Isabel has a friend named Dafney, she lives above us in our apartment complex. Pretty convienent, and fun!! Isabel was invited to her 1st birthday the other day, so she gave her a frog stuffed animal. Dafney is Isabel's first friend, so.. that makes her Isabel's first best friend!! Even if they pick on eachother sometimes!! They always get excited when they see eachother. I had to take a picture, because you never know they could be older and still be close, so this next photo would be priceless for them. And it is priceless to me!!

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Grandma O said...

So so so CUTE!!!!!!! I miss this little bug.........hopefully we will see you guys this summer sometime. Soon Isabel will be 1 too.......unbelieveable!!!!
Love, Love, LOVE you guys!!!!!!