Friday, April 30, 2010

Isabel Ann

Isabel is going to be 11 months on May 2nd!! These are her 10 month old pictures! She did really well during the picture session!! The Photographer was really surprised how quickly we got through it, it was because she was smiling in every shot!! ahah

She just started trying to stand up without any help from furniture, I think she will be walking pretty soon now. Her friend Dafney walks, and last time they played, Isabel wanted to try to walk more than she ever has!! So we will be inviting Dafney over again to give Isabel some motivation!! Now we think she does say "Hi" she says it when she is waving to us. And she is starting to say Bye Bye. Not quite there yet. She has 8 teeth, almost 10. She is our little peranha!! She likes Music alot now!! She rocks to it. She is starting to carry her blanket around now. When I go and get her up from her crib, she will be standing, then when she sees me, she will immediatley sit down and death grab her blanket, and be ready for me to pick her up!! She is so funny!! So latley her blanket has been everwhere!!

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Grandma O said...

What a little dolly!!!! I can't wait to see her again. Tyler says we need to all live within 3 hours of each other........hummmmmm........that sounds good to me! Love you guys soooooooo much!!!!!