Friday, April 9, 2010

Aaron the Artist

So this post is to brag about my amazing husband Aaron who is in a Art design class, and he has not taken basic art classes before this one. This art class is really hard and time consuming. Pretty much everyone in the class have taken previous art classes, except Aaron. And look at one of his beautiful masterpieces!! He is sooo talented! He has others I'll post later, but this is his first one that has been in color. I am so impressed, and amazed!!! He is an amazing artist, and is going to be a great architect!!


BethanySines photography said...

wow!!!! seriously impressed!

Megan said...

Aaron - I had no idea. . . You could make money with that kind of talent. sheesh!

Grandma O said...

THAT'S MY BOY!!!!! WOW!!!!