Friday, April 30, 2010

Isabel Ann

Isabel is going to be 11 months on May 2nd!! These are her 10 month old pictures! She did really well during the picture session!! The Photographer was really surprised how quickly we got through it, it was because she was smiling in every shot!! ahah

She just started trying to stand up without any help from furniture, I think she will be walking pretty soon now. Her friend Dafney walks, and last time they played, Isabel wanted to try to walk more than she ever has!! So we will be inviting Dafney over again to give Isabel some motivation!! Now we think she does say "Hi" she says it when she is waving to us. And she is starting to say Bye Bye. Not quite there yet. She has 8 teeth, almost 10. She is our little peranha!! She likes Music alot now!! She rocks to it. She is starting to carry her blanket around now. When I go and get her up from her crib, she will be standing, then when she sees me, she will immediatley sit down and death grab her blanket, and be ready for me to pick her up!! She is so funny!! So latley her blanket has been everwhere!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Here are some few pictures of Isabel eating her favorite meal! Spaghetti!!! This time I put a little too much sauce on the noodles!!aha We had to put her in the bath right after trying to rinse her off in the sink!! ahah She will only feed herself if it is certain foods that she really likes, so you can tell she likes spaghetti! ahah

She had noodles dangling from her toes!

Isabel loves her pappa! When Aaron is at school, and Isabel hears a noice she looks around to see if it might be Aaron. Today she wanted to go in our room to see if he was in there. After she figured out he wasn't in there she didn't care for the room that much.

Aaron is so handsome!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Isabel's First Best Friend!

Isabel has a friend named Dafney, she lives above us in our apartment complex. Pretty convienent, and fun!! Isabel was invited to her 1st birthday the other day, so she gave her a frog stuffed animal. Dafney is Isabel's first friend, so.. that makes her Isabel's first best friend!! Even if they pick on eachother sometimes!! They always get excited when they see eachother. I had to take a picture, because you never know they could be older and still be close, so this next photo would be priceless for them. And it is priceless to me!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is our updated family picture. We were heading to our car to go to church, and we sat down on the bench and our neighbor took a picture for us!! This is Isabel's Easter dress!! We love the weather for right now... its prob. going to rain again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Aaron the Artist

So this post is to brag about my amazing husband Aaron who is in a Art design class, and he has not taken basic art classes before this one. This art class is really hard and time consuming. Pretty much everyone in the class have taken previous art classes, except Aaron. And look at one of his beautiful masterpieces!! He is sooo talented! He has others I'll post later, but this is his first one that has been in color. I am so impressed, and amazed!!! He is an amazing artist, and is going to be a great architect!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter was nice. We stayed at home this holiday, and just relaxed and watched conference. (Which was awsome by the way!!) Here is Aaron's and My basket on the left, and Isabel's on the right.

Isabel went straight for her bunny!! She got puffs, and yogurt melts.

She still plays with her bunny!! I think this is her only real stuff animal.

She wanted to check to see what was else was in her basket.

What No candy!!!! take this easter bunny

1! 2!! 3!!! I win again papa

Aaron vs Chubaka

So Aaron wanted to grow out his hair, and his beard. He wanted to see how long he could stand it. After we got back from PA that same day he went and got it cut. He looks like a new man!! Isabel was very curious and watched him shave his beard.



When I'm cooking dinner sometimes Aaron puts in a disney movie for Isabel, and she will sit in Aaron's lab and watch quite a bit of the movie. I tried doing that with her, and she stays in my lab for probably 30 sec. She loves her papa.