Sunday, March 28, 2010

Visitng Family

We Visited Family in Feb. and March. Just two weeks at home then off we went again!!!... it was so much fun to see all the family. In Feb. Isabel and I went to Boise, Idaho to see my family there. Isabel loved being around her uncles and aunts and her grandparents and great grandparents. I also was able to go to the Boise temple while I was there it was so much fun and a very relaxing visit.

She starting to get use to the family very quickly exspecially being by herself at home in Iowa all day.

She was a little sceptical of her Uncle Rockwell for a little bit, but after she wacked him a couple times she decided to keep him.

Isabel always would reach for her Grandma Holbrook when she was cranky or just wanted to be held.

Isabel liked playing on the computer with Grandpa Holbrook. She helped herself to the keyboard.

It was great that Megan was able to come down from BYU-I to come and see us for the weekend. This visit we were thinking would be the last time everyone was going to be together for a long time. Isabel warmed right up to her Aunt Megan the first hour she was home!! Kids love her!

We were able to see my Aunt Gina and my cousins, here is johnny Isabel's second cousin. He is such a cuddler!

After getting back from Boise, we flew to PA to see Aaron's parents and family. Aaron's brother Drew and his wife and Kai were there and Aaron's sister Kaci. Isabel could not stay off the dirty airport floor!! What can ya do..

Isabel has always been so comfortable around Kaci, even when she was going through the bad case of "Your not my mommy". She was get so excited around Kai that she would have little spirts of energy and kinda scream.. Kai would say " No yelling Belle.. Quite!" ahah he is so funny.

Kai liked to help her any way he could. hahah He would ask if he could feed her some of her puff snacks, so he would grab a handful and feed her a couple, then say " Kai have some." then put the rest in his mouth!! He's pretty smart!!

It was Kai's Birthday on one of the days we were there, so we went to CHUCKY CHEESE for his birthday. Aaron told me that we are never taking Isabel to that place again until she can drive herself. :) Isabel surprisingly liked the Merry Go Round (Carosoul). I call it a merry go round because thats what I called it when I was young , I asked my dad to take me to the park that had one in utah. The Merry Go Round Park. I can't wait to go down to Utah and see my family there, and have my dad take her to that same park. Isabel actually sat on it for a long time.

Kai really liked the horse ride. He would check to make sure we were watching him.. if not he would call out our name.. even Isabel's!! ahah

Here is Drew trying to be competitive with his wife... Stormi won. ahah

We went to a Zoo near his parents house. It was wonderful weather. I LOVE PENQUINS!! Isabel really was interested in the animals.. until she was ready for her nap.

Its been so cold in Iowa that we haven't been outside yet. So in PA she was able to experience and TASTE what Grass was for the first time. She thought it was pretty awsome.

Now last stop UTAH!

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Grandma O said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! I MISS that little bug!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!! She is such a little sweetheart! She just has the most wonderful little spirit!!!! Maybe someday we will all be able to live near to each other........I am so grateful for blogs and that you are so good about keeping it helps to be able to watch her grow.....tho I'd rather actually WATCH her in person while she's doing it.