Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Bee

Isabel is one busy little bee!! She is getting more confidence in crawling room to room where I go(very slowly tho! ha) She is eating those puffs now!! She like those alot. She can't have too thick of food yet, or 3rd foods. She will just throw up. So I prefer not to clean up throw up, so we will just keep her on 2nd foods for right now. She is getting into alot more things now. Well a few examples are her knocking over the dvd stand, and getting into my mixing bowls. She also had the piano bench fall on her, that wasn't a fun moment for her. She mostly stays clear of that now.

Even if she is so busy.. She is will always be so worth it!! She is so adorable even from behind. ( I tried the real pig tails this day.)

Update: Aaron got called to be the Elders Quorum Secretary in our ward. He just started this last Sunday. Also if you haven't noticed... he is deciding to become a mountain man, so to do that he is growing out his hair, and his beard. haha He wants to see how long he can stand it. I'm really surprised that he is doing this, because he has always been so particular about his hair since I've known him. I even asked him if we need to buy him a Lowes hat so he can wear it at work, since thats what you have to wear if you want to wear a hat. He came home with one that same day!! ahah His hair is getting pretty fluffy. Its going to be a big shocker when he gets his hair cut and shaves... I think thats what he wants.
I am so greatful that I am able to play the piano for primary.. even if it is stressful alot of the time, by having to learn new pieces all the time, I have to play them perfectly or I get stressed. Neways what Im trying to say is that its so amazing of how much the lord has blessed me, because I have this calling. I couldn't just sit down and play a 3 flat musical piece in 25 minutes without messing up in the past. But since I have been praying about these harder pieces and asking for help, I have my prayers answered. When I start improving each time I play a piece, I feel the spirit testifying to me that my father in heaven is helping me, and that.. Im doing a great job!! ha So I'm improving my talent 10 fold that I have been squandering these past few years, and my testimony of prayer has grown so much. The primary song "HE SENT HIS SON" , brings the spirit in so strong every time I play it! What a blessing it is for me and my family that we are able to have the spirit testify to us daily that this gospel is true , that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and it is all coming from beautiful primary songs.


Anonymous said...

I love, love LOVE it!!!!!!I have always felt that the sweetest spirit is found in the Primary songs......I'm so glad that you can play them and that little Isabel is able to hear that music in her home. CAN'T WAIT 'TILL YOU GUYS COME!!!! only 1 week from tomorrow!! I GET TO SQUEEZE ISABEL!!!!! (If she'll let me!)
Love and miss you guys!
Oh......and congratulations to Aaron on his new calling!

aubrey Jarvinen said...

aw Isabel is so cute! I wish Preston could watch Isabel...he is so lazy. I don't think he will ever crawl lol Also i loved being in primary and singing the primary songs with the kids. The spirit is so strong while they sing. Love it. I wish i could play the piano. Your amazing!

Laura said...

I know this is way late, but you ARE doing awesome on the piano. I'll send you the songs for April later tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy general conference this weekend!