Friday, February 5, 2010


Here is Aaron modeling this season's winter apparel from Convert! Modeling is his backup profession! ahaha (He is such a good looking guy!!) This was Isabel's first sledding experience!! She was more confused and cold, then having fun!! Usually she shakes and kinda does baby talk when she is excited.. but I think she was too cold!! ahah But was funny to watch for a full duration of 5 minutes of sledding! Least I got it on video and got pictures, so she can look and see that her pappa took her sledding!!

The past 2 days she has been on one latley!! I think she is teathing! Also we are furberizing her also!! She is actually doing really well! We lay her down at 7-7:30pm , the sometimes she has been crying around 2am, around an hour or less, but then wakes up at 7am. We just started 3 days ago!! Its going great so far!!

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