Monday, February 22, 2010


Isabel started to crawl before we left to boise, just a one or two steps towards the toy, or she would twirl towards the toy too!! Since the day we got back in town she started to actually crawl! She is still new at it, she gets distracted easy like in the video, she was hitting her shirt, or she gets distracted when I put braclets on her!! She is alot happier now since she can get around, she won't crawl from room to room yet, only to things that are a foot away from her. She likes cords the most. Aaron baby proofed the house before we got back, he's such a great dad!! Today Isabel successfully pulled he self up today on a chair. She already has 2 bruises on her face from previous failure attempts! It was a hard adjustment going back to primary this last Sunday! I wasnt used of kids singing while I was playing, it threw me off!! ha Aaron is doing good in school, he is getting a little anxious about starting his Architecture Portfolio which he needs to apply for the program. He is still working at Lowes in the Paint department, loving every moment (sarcastic comment). haha

Back from Out of Town!

When Isabel and I got back from Boise, Aaron's friend Cade, from Nebraska, came to see us for a couple of days. Aaron played soccer with him at the college in NE, and also helped on his ranch(which he talks about still!). Isabel did really well with Cade around. We all had a fun time together. Cade and Aaron went and saw the Lightning Theif, and we watched plenty of movies at home. We also went bowling too. It was a blast!! We can't wait to go up to his ranch to visit him and his family.

She is concentrating,.. trying to figure out what method would be the best bet on getting a strike.. Prob just crawling down and hitting all the pins down!!

Aaron missed us when we were gone.. Isabel missed her papa! The flights werent too bad. The flight back to NE was a little long, but Isabel was pretty good, I brought tons of toys and books for her!! She prob. slept 1 hour out of 7 hours total. She is a trooper! She has been to Las Vegas and Chicago and she is only 8 mo. old!! well the airports.

We were gone for Valentines day, but when Isabel and I got home, I had beautiful flowers waiting for me at home!! He hand picked and arranged the flowers himself!! He also sent me a valentines card in the mail!! I ordered him a heart shaped pizza for Valentines!! ahah I know how to melt my man's heart!! ahah

Friday, February 5, 2010


Here is Aaron modeling this season's winter apparel from Convert! Modeling is his backup profession! ahaha (He is such a good looking guy!!) This was Isabel's first sledding experience!! She was more confused and cold, then having fun!! Usually she shakes and kinda does baby talk when she is excited.. but I think she was too cold!! ahah But was funny to watch for a full duration of 5 minutes of sledding! Least I got it on video and got pictures, so she can look and see that her pappa took her sledding!!

The past 2 days she has been on one latley!! I think she is teathing! Also we are furberizing her also!! She is actually doing really well! We lay her down at 7-7:30pm , the sometimes she has been crying around 2am, around an hour or less, but then wakes up at 7am. We just started 3 days ago!! Its going great so far!!