Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Capsual

I made a Time capsual when I was 13 yrs. old in Young Womens, and wrote on it not to open til January 1, 2010. We also duct taped it so it would be hard to open, so we wouldnt open it sooner. I still remember that I thought January 1, 2010 was so far away, and that I will be so old and mature then. haha The older part has happend, but Aaron doesnt think the maturity will come til later! ha I also thought I would loose it before I could open it. But here it is!!

We were told to put memories into it, and current things you are doing now( in 8th grade). So I put a book mark in it that had goals that I wanted to reach by the time I open it. The goals were Go to the Temple and Choose the Right!! Then I had pictures of my friends that I hung out with when I was in 8th grade!! I remember taking them too actually! Then I had a moab, utah key chain, that I got from going a fun trip with my family in Utah. And a youth pamplet, and a butterfinger wrapper(yes it was eatin before I opened it, and a hideous necklace I use to wear. I also wrote a letter to myself addressed to "Babe" Im so retarted!! ahah I wrote who I had a crush on, and what I was doing then. It wasn't as interesting as what I imagined it would say, how could it from an 8th grader, but it was fun to open it and remember the great memories, and know that I have accomplished the goals that I set when I was 13.

Isabel likes church , or should I say likes the kids. She is too loud now to go into the classes, if Aaron is lucky if he can get 20 min. in when she takes a quick nap. Just today tho, she is getting on her knees and starting to rock back and forth. She is already a natural rocker, since she rocks back and forth while sitting up whenever a song comes on the t.v. or the computer!! ahah she is so funny!! And she slaps the high chair to get my attention when she is in it!!


Heidi said...

I can't believe you made a time capsule! That is sooooo awesome!

D Oesterle said...

That's so fun you made a time capsule and actually didn't open it until now! haha
Isabel is sooo cute! I was looking at your blog and Kai saw Isabel's picture and started screaming "bel! bel!" So fun!

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

I love that! I had a couple of things like that from YWs. Mostly they were letters to be opened when I graduated from high school and when I got married. So silly!

Grandma O said...

A time capsule! I LOVE it!!! Been looking for an idea for Achievement Days and I think that would be a great thing to do!
Oh my goodness.....Isabel looks SOOOOO beautiful in that green dress!!! She also looks soooo much like Ella now!(and Aunt Sue says with Naiomi in there they'd look like triplets!!! Ohhhhh those Oesterle genes!
Love and miss you guys!