Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
New things are in the happening for this year. I got called as the Primary Pianist, and Aaron starts new design classes!! Isabel and I got sick right after we got back from Vacation from being at Grandma Oesterle house, and Grandma Shaw's house. Now all three of us are sick now. What a great way to start the new year!!
Mallorie's: Do Visiting Teaching every month
Aaron's: Stay Alive (seriously.. that's what he said)
Isabel: Crawl

Isabel likes to watch me practise my primary songs. I think she is intrigued by the sound. She likes to join in here and there. Aaron is actually a lot of help also!! He sings the songs for me sometimes when I haven't heard the song before, so it helps me figure out how fast I need to play. I need to buy a metronome!! haha


Grandma O said...

Tooooooo cute!!!! Oh I hope so much Isabel will be musical. At least her Momma can teach her to play piano! Congrats on your new calling in Primary. You're gonna love it and they will love you! Grandma O

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Uhoh. With me as your VTing companion, I guess I should make that as my goal for this year too. :)