Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me!! It was my Birthday on Jan. 23. I turned 24 and had a wonderful birthday! I got more birthday wishes, and cards than any other year!! I wasn't expecting it to be a big deal, but I was surprised how much fun I had!! And expecially when Isabel puked on my couch!! How fun! I got a church dress, and tons of cards and phone calls!! Thanks everyone!! I still have Kai's ( our nephew) voice mail saved on my phone!! It was soo cute!!!


SO !! First time with pig tails!! They were a hit!! Right when we were sitting down for church, I saw the bishop and the first counsler wispering and chuckling and looking right at me. I was kinda confused and a little embarresed wondering why they were laughing.. then I relized I was holding Isabel ahah and they were looking staight at her pig tails!! Aaron doesnt really like the elastics that hold her hair in. Ive been trying to tell him that there are better methods of taking them out, than just pulling them out!! Ive been making different color and designs of bows, and flowers, but I have more fun with the bows.


Joe and Bethany Sines (and BethanySines photography) said...

hahah isabel puked on your couch...happy birthday to you! ; ) i'm glad you had so much's obvious in the pics! i miss you!, you're an old lady now!! : ) jk oh, and i LOVE that dress you got.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Mallorie!!!

D Oesterle said...

It sounds like you had a great Birthday! Kai heard "Happy Birthday" on the TV today and replied with "Happy Birthday Mawy (Mallorie)" It was cute! We hope you guys can make it out in March...keep us posted!