Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me!! It was my Birthday on Jan. 23. I turned 24 and had a wonderful birthday! I got more birthday wishes, and cards than any other year!! I wasn't expecting it to be a big deal, but I was surprised how much fun I had!! And expecially when Isabel puked on my couch!! How fun! I got a church dress, and tons of cards and phone calls!! Thanks everyone!! I still have Kai's ( our nephew) voice mail saved on my phone!! It was soo cute!!!


SO !! First time with pig tails!! They were a hit!! Right when we were sitting down for church, I saw the bishop and the first counsler wispering and chuckling and looking right at me. I was kinda confused and a little embarresed wondering why they were laughing.. then I relized I was holding Isabel ahah and they were looking staight at her pig tails!! Aaron doesnt really like the elastics that hold her hair in. Ive been trying to tell him that there are better methods of taking them out, than just pulling them out!! Ive been making different color and designs of bows, and flowers, but I have more fun with the bows.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Capsual

I made a Time capsual when I was 13 yrs. old in Young Womens, and wrote on it not to open til January 1, 2010. We also duct taped it so it would be hard to open, so we wouldnt open it sooner. I still remember that I thought January 1, 2010 was so far away, and that I will be so old and mature then. haha The older part has happend, but Aaron doesnt think the maturity will come til later! ha I also thought I would loose it before I could open it. But here it is!!

We were told to put memories into it, and current things you are doing now( in 8th grade). So I put a book mark in it that had goals that I wanted to reach by the time I open it. The goals were Go to the Temple and Choose the Right!! Then I had pictures of my friends that I hung out with when I was in 8th grade!! I remember taking them too actually! Then I had a moab, utah key chain, that I got from going a fun trip with my family in Utah. And a youth pamplet, and a butterfinger wrapper(yes it was eatin before I opened it, and a hideous necklace I use to wear. I also wrote a letter to myself addressed to "Babe" Im so retarted!! ahah I wrote who I had a crush on, and what I was doing then. It wasn't as interesting as what I imagined it would say, how could it from an 8th grader, but it was fun to open it and remember the great memories, and know that I have accomplished the goals that I set when I was 13.

Isabel likes church , or should I say likes the kids. She is too loud now to go into the classes, if Aaron is lucky if he can get 20 min. in when she takes a quick nap. Just today tho, she is getting on her knees and starting to rock back and forth. She is already a natural rocker, since she rocks back and forth while sitting up whenever a song comes on the t.v. or the computer!! ahah she is so funny!! And she slaps the high chair to get my attention when she is in it!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
New things are in the happening for this year. I got called as the Primary Pianist, and Aaron starts new design classes!! Isabel and I got sick right after we got back from Vacation from being at Grandma Oesterle house, and Grandma Shaw's house. Now all three of us are sick now. What a great way to start the new year!!
Mallorie's: Do Visiting Teaching every month
Aaron's: Stay Alive (seriously.. that's what he said)
Isabel: Crawl

Isabel likes to watch me practise my primary songs. I think she is intrigued by the sound. She likes to join in here and there. Aaron is actually a lot of help also!! He sings the songs for me sometimes when I haven't heard the song before, so it helps me figure out how fast I need to play. I need to buy a metronome!! haha

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chrismas 2009!!

This was our Christmas Day!! What a wonderful day it was! This was the first Christmas I have not spent with my family in Boise, or Utah. It was kinda strange for me, and I missed our traditions, and miss being with my family the most. It was hard that day. But good thing we have Aaron's family close by, the Oesterle's had wonderful Christmas Eve traditions that I've never done before, and Christmas morning was great because there was so much family there. ( and Grandma O's cookin' is the best!!) I'm so happy that this Christmas was Isabel's first Christmas because alot of the family came together this year. First I'll tell you things that went on leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Morning!!

Isabel was more interested in the box than the toy!! Typical!!

Santa came!! YEAH!

This year Grandpa and Grandma O decided on Christmas Eve to have a real live nativity acted out with Amazing costumes!! ahah Aaron was Joseph. It was fun to watch, and listen to Grandpa O narrate. We sang christmas songs also. Then after that Grandma and Grandpa O started handing out gifts to everyone in the front room. Everyone opened presents on Chirstmas Eve.

Kai was so much fun to be around!! He is a big ball of energy!! He was very sweet to Isabel. He calls her belle. He also was able to feed her food, and her bottle, he thought that was pretty cool.

Isabel had a rough time right when we got to Grandma's O house. She wouldn't really go to anyone. And Scott really wanted to hold her, since he didnt see her around our sealing. But when Kaci came in the door, and asked to hold her, we warned her that she would cry. She didnt cry one bit with Kaci. Me and Aaron were pretty shocked. She liked her Aunt Kace.. and her strings on her jacket!! :)

She finally warmed up to Grandma!!
Then after Christmas we had a Eli's baby blessing. (Aaron's nephew.)