Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We had a blizzard warning for 2 days. Everything was closed even Iowa State. That didn't keep Aaron in!! ahah So we bundled Isabel up and went looking for boots, didnt find any yet, since pretty much everything was closed, but we need to find some since the snow is past our knees...well my knees, Aaron's ankles ha jk !!

I came in the front room and saw Isabel trying to play Aaron's game!! ahah Yeah we let her watch video games!! ohwell!! Me and Aaron are just fine, and we watch tons of tv!! ha neways she thought the controller was pretty sweet, it was a little bit harder for aaron to play, but least it was a challenge to play for once!!

And of course it tasted good too!! Isabel: OOPS i got caught!!

In Waterloo we celebrated Thanksgiving. Tons of Aaron's family came. Cambree( Jeff and Keisha"s daughter, Aaron's cousin) had fun feeding Isabel!! She would follow isabel around saying " You are such a sweetheart!!" ahah it was so cute!! Also Isabel got her first tooth on Thanksgiving too! She has two now, i would take a pic, but its a little hard!!

Isabel finally let Uncle jim to hold her at thanksgiving !!

This is Isabel 's 5 mo. pic.

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