Monday, December 14, 2009

Isabel finally crashed in her jumperoo. She is so cute!!

She is starting to sit up by herself now.. this pic is a week old, so now i just use one pillow, or just let her fall. ahah she doesnt fall that hard, she tightens up her stomach and trys to hold her self up when she loses balance, so she doesnt crash that hard. She has her dad's acid reflex tho!! ahah its funny sometimes the mat is soked from her just having a random puke contest of her own.

Here is Isabel in a Roxy jacket and pants. Her Uncle David and Aunt Jen got her this. She looks like a little person, not like a baby!! ahah its funny! Look at that button nose!
They finally made a path for us after the blizzard, so before i tried to walk through that... it didnt really work. ha

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