Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We finally did it!! ha I'm sealed to my sweetheart and Isabel for time and eternity!! I'm so happy!! I love him sooo much!!

What a beautiful temple!! I'm so happy we were able to be sealed in this temple!! What a great story to tell our kids!!

Isabel had a long day!! ahah She was acutally really good with the couple that took care of her while we went to the temple ALL DAY!! then when they brought her to us in the temple a sworm of people "goo"ed and "gaw'ed and her, and she broke down and started crying ( in a high high pitch) ahah. So she cryed during the sealing!! she tryed to hold it in, it was soo cute!! Thats why she doesn't look so happy in the pictures!!

Aaron's parents and his brother Drew were able to come. Scott, Aaron's dad had H1N1 before they left. He came on the drive anyways , so if he did feel better he could come to the sealing. Unfortunally he actually felt worse in the morning. So Drew took his place for Aaron. We were all sad that Scott wasnt feeling so hot, but was greatful that Drew was able to be there to help Aaron. It's so fun to see Aaron with his brother. Drew and Aaron have such a strong brotherly bond, you can see it when they are together. I wish for that for our boys if we have any!! ahahah I don't wish our boys pickin' on me like they do with Mary!! ahahah jk. I'm so greatful that my parents were able to be there!! What great examples they are to me!! I finally did it. And it was so wonderful to hear from both of them that they were proud of me!! The best thing to hear from your parents. I did miss my parents in Utah, unfortunally they weren't able to come. I do love them so much!! This whole experience made me even relize even more how important family is, and how important it is to strife to do what it right, and to live the commandments so we can be together for eternity. What an amazing promise, to be with the ones we love for eternity. Even if when we were siblings that didn't sound like the best idea!! ahah I'm so greatful for this gospel, for the blessings and joy it brings to me and my family.

I'm so glad so much that the Oesterles were able to come to the big day!! I'm so greatful that we have such a wonderful supportive family. I'm so glad they are close too!! Its helps me adjust leaving my family in utah and boise. Family is such a wonderful thing!! ahah

Bethany did such a good job on my bridal shots!! She is a natural in taking pictures. She also let me borrow her beautiful dress!! The photo shoot was so much fun!!


Grandma O said...

These are so beautiful!!!!! We are so grateful to have you be a part of our eternal family. What a blessing! The Temple was so wonderful and it was a beautiful time. It was also so much fun to be together with everyone!!! The boys do tease me and sometimes step over the line a little bit but then I just have to call them on it and they repent (I wouldn't have it any other way :-) ). We love you, Mal and little Isabel and of course Aaron.

aubrey Jarvinen said...

I love these pictures!! You are so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. What an amazing experience it sounds like you guys had. yay for eternal marriage.

Heidi said...

Mallorie! I found your blog. I'm glad to see pictures of the sealing. PS-I love your bridal pictures. Whoever did them....beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Although we only met 1 time when you were a little girl I have to say you have grown into a beautiful women! Congratulations and hope to meet you and your family one day soon! All the best.
Jeffrey Morris