Sunday, October 25, 2009

Isabel and Ella had so much fun together. We came up last weekend. Nikki threw this pumkin party, which started off going to a pumkin harvest thing that had tons of activities, and came home and ate pumking chili and pumkin cheese cake, and carved pumkins!! Grandma O gave them these matching outfits!! Ella was so sweet to Isabel the whole time we were there!! She had alot of practise being a big sister so now she is prepared for baby boy oesterle to come!!


We carved pumkins with patterns.. its cheating but i looks amazing!! AND it looks like im stabbing Aaron in the back with a knife!! lol

Aaron what brave night saving me from the scary ruthless dragon!! :)

Aaron is ready to win this race!! lol His face expressions always crack me up!! They were gettin bored just sittin around sooo. they decided to kiddy up on some horses!!

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