Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh my little Isabel... So beautiful!! People stopped and watched me take pictures of her here.. lol it was pretty funny!!

They had fun at Tweite's Pumkin Patch

Isabel and Ella had so much fun together. We came up last weekend. Nikki threw this pumkin party, which started off going to a pumkin harvest thing that had tons of activities, and came home and ate pumking chili and pumkin cheese cake, and carved pumkins!! Grandma O gave them these matching outfits!! Ella was so sweet to Isabel the whole time we were there!! She had alot of practise being a big sister so now she is prepared for baby boy oesterle to come!!


We carved pumkins with patterns.. its cheating but i looks amazing!! AND it looks like im stabbing Aaron in the back with a knife!! lol

Aaron what brave night saving me from the scary ruthless dragon!! :)

Aaron is ready to win this race!! lol His face expressions always crack me up!! They were gettin bored just sittin around sooo. they decided to kiddy up on some horses!!
Before you watch the clip.. Who do you think wins the race? AARON, TLYER, or JEREMY.

The boys couldn't let the kids have all the fun, so they started to participate in the activities!! AND be competitive at the same time. lol (ah boys!!) To bad Drew wasn't there.. He's the most competitive of them all!! lol

We went on a hay ride to the pumkin patch it was way fun!!

These were fun.. they are horses made out of tires and you can swing back and forth on them!

The boys were havin fun on these log horses!! lol

Isabel started to laugh right after we got home from her 4 mo. check up, she was laughing and in such a good mood, and she got shots!! ahah she is a funny kid!! She cried more with the doctor hovering her, than the shots.

So.. this is our apartment!! That is our front door right there!! its nice where its at it almost looks like the whole building is ours!! lol

Isabel is waiting on us for church, she is already to go. Isabel is trying to sit up more and more each day, she is starting to rock back and forth!! It reminds me of my sister morgan who used to rock so hard against that same couch!! it was pretty funny!! So she is going to follow Aunt Morgan's Rockin Talents!!

Aaron one day got bored and came up with an idea to " see where isabel fits" in certain areas in the apartment!! ahah so he stuck her in the shelf of our t.v. stand. she didnt like it that much!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My daughter using all fours!! She is soo talented!! She's our little monkey!! lol

This is what happens when Papa "tries" to give Isabel a bath!! ( socks still on.) He was trying to hurry so he could play Guild Wars with Tyler on the computer!! Poor Isabel!! She had fun grabbin the socks tho. She has just relized she has two other limbs, and she can't stop grabin them.

She likes to go on walks even if it is gettin kinda chilly. Its the wind that gets her.. a strong wind would go by, and then I would hear her gasp!! Thats when we starte head home!! lol

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Game Time!

Isabel likes to watch Aaron play computer games also with uncle Tyler!! He is usually on the phone playing at his house on the same game!! She can sit there for a hour or so and not even fuss at all!! Its pretty funny!! She also likes to watch movies with me and Aaron, exspecially if its action. She likes all the bright colors and movement, and his game is all of that!! Aaron just got Drew to join there little "team" on this game.. so Isabel will be able to hear Uncle Drew more often too!!

Isabel tires Aaron out!! ahah Sometimes he can just dose off a little and she will be just fine. Actually she has been falling asleep along with him!! She likes to be held by her Papa!!

I just got her this play mat. She likes it alot!! She just stares at the mirror attached to it.. and also she has been grabbing the toys, but probably not meaning too!! ahah She talks the most when she is laying down on this thing. The other day I had her on this on the bed, while I was vacuming because of the fleas(yuk, not gone yet) and she started to get a little fussy. I told her just to hold on til I vacumed under the bed, next time I looked up she was passed out. So i kept the vacume on, even if I had to move things around, so it wouldn't wake her up. So I got to vacume pretty much the whole house while she was asleep!! Pretty amazing!!

Its starting to get pretty chilly now here in Ames. So we put her in this outfit!! its pretty warm! She loves to go in her stroller, she is starting to do these little sit up crunches, Aaron calls them her arobic exsercises!! ahah So I have to strap her in now.. It was thundering and raining so bad yesturday and today!! I thought it was going to wake her up at night. Kinda creeped me out not to lie!!! WELCOME TO IOWA!! ahah