Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally Unpacked!!

SOO.. We FINALLY got moved in and unpacked,
and the fleas are pretty much gone... if there are
any left the pest exterminator said that the spray
kills them slowly, so they are TOAST!! ive only seen
2 since they have sprayed, and i havent even vacumed
yet, so that is a good sign. Hopefully we will be done with
it!! Here is Aaron vacuming before the pest terminator
came.I had to snap a picture, since he was using the baby
bjorn, andhad Isabel strapped to him!! He's well rounded,
he's a handy man,and helps out with some house wife chores
here and there!! ahahI'm very lucky to have such a great guy!!
When i was gone at Tylerand Nikki's house, he vacumed every
night (to minimize the fleas), andalways checked to see if he
had fleas on him before he got into bed. He was very patient
and understanding with me through this whole situation.

Isabel is getting more and more relaxed in the tub!! She loves tub time! We can never miss tub time for her because her hypoallergenic formula makes her stink so bad, since she is producing so much saliva now!!

Aunt Sandi gave her this outfit! She is already fitting in 3-6 mo. clothes . she is a chunck!! She has a long torso, so alot of her onzies are getting too small too fast!!

Nikki helped me make the bow and socks to match this adorable sunday outfit she has on!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aaron is so handsome!!

I stayed at Nikki and Tyler's house, and helped
Nikki with her garage sale, so since the girls are so
cute we thought we could get a little more cash
if we put them up for sale!! ahah dont pay attention
the the girl in the back holdin isabel!! ha

Isabel: I can't believe you are falling asleep
when I'm trying to express what im feeling to
you!! Preston: hey I'm listening!!

Ella loves Isabel!!

What a handful!!

Isabel loved uncle Jim!!!!

I am so glad that we were able to go to Todd and
Catie's Wedding!! It was soo much fun to meet all
the Oesterles!! Im so lucky to be apart of such a
loving family!! It wasnt the same tho without Brooke
and Kristian and the girls!! :(

Im so glad that Aaron is close to his brother
Tyler now!!

Isabel: 20 hours to get to iowa!! I dont know
if i like that!!

Isabel loved to get out of the car, so we could
wear her favorite bonnet that Grandma O
gave her!!

Isabel always draws a crowd!!

Grandma O can't keep her hands off of her!!

Hand made dress!!

Look at those cute feet!! Precious!! It was so wonderful
that Mari and Scott were able to be there for Isabel's
Blessing. It was wonderful!!

Gettin' her ready for her big day!!