Thursday, July 30, 2009

When we went to utah, we went to see her Aunt Sarah before she went to the MTC. And Aarons cousin Jacob also was going to the MTC!! Plus it was fun to hang out with all of Aarons cousins, and Aunt Sandi!! Aaron wished he could of come down to utah too, he's been working so hard!! Me and Aaron can't wait to go to Todd's wedding to see the rest of the family!!

My two babies!! Aaron Disowned the hairy one on
the left!! ha

Me and Isabel went to Saratoga Springs to be with my family. We had a wonderful time, Isabel loved to be held by Granddad!! Whenever she would get tired or fussy, we would hand her off to my dad, and she would instintly stop crying. We also went and visited my grandad too, isabel great granddad, (which is 97 yrs old). We will miss them when we move to Iowa.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend!

Isabel loves her cousins!!!

Kristian and Brooke and the girls ( avery and Finley) came to boise, to visit us from oregon. It was a blast! First thing Finley asked was to hold Isabel!! It was so cute to watch them hold her!! They did a very good job!!We went shopping, watched fire works, played at a park, fed ducks. Avery an Finely loved to feed the ducks! We also went swimming at the hotel pool, the girls loved that uncle aaron could swim and play with them. Finely was so daring and trying new things in the pool ha ha!! she would be at the stairs that were in the 3ft water, then sit down!! Aaron still crackin up when he thinks of that because of her expression!! she was so shocked that when she sat down she was completly under the water with her eyes wide open!! ha ha Aaron grabbed her out of the water askin if she was ok, and she said yep! while she was spitting out water, and blinking a dozen times!! Aaron loves those girls!! Me and Isabel were watchin from the sidelines. Im soo happy were able to see them right before we left to iowa!!